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We want to share education about safety and handling basics and motivate you to continue your education when it comes to skin and coat care for your pet.

The Network is dedicated to raising awareness of the rewarding career possibilities within the pet industry. We aim to inspire people who are interested in continuing their education, and looking for avenues for personal growth. We will continue to highlight helpful techniques and showcase efficient tools and products used by professionals.

What does it take to build, operate, staff, and maintain a grooming, boarding, daycare, or veterinary facility? Through network collaboration we will work with each other to unveil the beauty of the pet industry. With a better understanding of the professional process… can build a solid relationship with your pet’s circle of supplemental pet care providers.

Becoming a Pet Owner Member on Companion Animal Network is absolutely free! You will have access to all of the free content created by professionals from many different facets of the pet industry. From Veterinarians and Technicians to Zoologists and Laboratory Animal Caretakers. The blogs, videos, and podcast episodes shared by these pet pros are sure to help you on your journey to a joyful and rewarding pet owning experience.

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Listen, watch, and read tips, techniques, and experiences shared by other animal enthusiasts!


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    As a Pet Owner with the Companion Animal Network you will have the ability to create a Profile page with a login and custom profile picture.


    On the Network we list Professional Grade and Industry Recommended pet care products in our store and in our recommended product database.

    The professional experiences we share and demos with great products and their specific applications. This information will prove to be very helpful if you are looking to choose something to use with your pet at home.


    Pet Owners can read reviews from pet care professionals to gain insight on the proper use and expected results of using the tools, equipment, and products being recommended in the store, shared in our blogs articles, featured in our videos, and mentioned on our podcasts!


    Check out our blog filled with more useful information from our professional pet care community.

    We will continue to highlight helpful techniques and showcase efficient tools and products and techniques used by professionals.


    Companion Animal Network hosts regular podcasts with featured industry professionals.


    View our inspiring library of free videos made by talented pet care professionals from all over. We will also feature premium content from other member tiers to promote transparency and personal pet care and handling growth for pet owners.

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Do I have to create a profile to check out in the store?
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Are there any timelines required to view the content available on the site?

We do update the website content and may periodically remove and edit the content. But you certainly can view at your own pace!

If becoming a member is free…why do I have to register?

Joining the Network helps us to create a tailored experience for each member.
The Network exists because of the needs of pet owners.
We are always learning more about the pet owning population and their pet service needs.
The geographic location of our members is a key component in connecting pet owners and pet care professionals.

How do I contact the Companion Animal Network office?

You can email us at or you can also send us a message on our contact us page.

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