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At Companion Animal Network, we are committed to enhancing the knowledge & skills of pet care professionals.

Join our community to stay updated with the latest in pet care, grooming techniques, and animal health practices.


This course will cover the foundation of cosmetology, basic anatomy, ingredient recognition and product usage and therapeutics. There will be a comment section on every lecture, downloadable PDFs, quizzes in every section and a live Q & A every two weeks.

Please go at your own pace but keep in mind, you will not be able to advance without watching all the lectures and completing the quizzes for each section. There will be a la carte lectures as well as course offerings that come with different options for payment.

The American Kennel Club believes that grooming safety should be a top priority and is a genuine concern. The American Kennel Club also recognizes the importance of proper grooming for the health, well-being and overall comfort of dogs. As a result, the AKC has specifically designed its AKC S.A.F.E (Safety, Assurance, Fundamentals, Education) Grooming Program to support the grooming industry’s self-regulation effort through education. Show your commitment to your clients and community by setting the standard in groom safety.

The Certified Canine Esthetician course is designed to give pet groomers & stylists foundational knowledge of the physiology and function of the canine skin & haircoat & how to implement that knowledge into daily grooming care.

By delivering thorough science-based information unlike any program currently available for our industry, a stylist’s opportunity to play a vital role in providing optimal care in the grooming salon & to create a niche skillset for their professional business can be achieved.

In turn, completion of this certification course awards the groomer a unique and advanced skillset to better network with both medical caregivers and their pet-owning clients.

Completion of this course changes not only just the way you groom, but adds an amazing impact to your business potential and the care provided therein.

No product-based education is given. Therefore a stylist completing this program is free to choose the products they personally prefer, instead of having to rely on product placement within the course.

As well, you are not limited to specific products, but can instead take the knowledge you are given & utilize that to best suit your individual business demographic. Marketing and utilizing your certification can increase work efficiency, add revenue, and will assure your vital role in providing professional pet care for your area.

Founded by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, and developed by hundreds of experts in behavior, medicine, and handling, Fear Free has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice.

Our programs and courses provide veterinary professionals, pet professionals, animal welfare communities, and pet owners with the knowledge and tools to look after both a pet’s physical and emotional well-being.

We get you. Like you, we love pets like family and want what is best for them. Find the portal of interest to you below for more information about Fear Free programs, education, and our ever-growing community.

IPG educates and certifies groomers for the safety of the pets in our care, while increasing and acknowledging our groomers skills to elevate the grooming profession.

ISCC International Society of Canine Cosmetologists was created to reach out to the pet styling community around the world and introduce them to the exciting programs and educational tools offered by ISCC and Pam Lauritzen & Company. It serves as a support, promotion, and customer interface tool to help pet stylists worldwide network within their community.

This is my Diploma Program Through the Whole Pet Grooming Academy. It’s an online program for groomers who want to learn more about the behavior, training, and cooperative care aspects of dog grooming. This is an online, instructor-led course incorporating weekly zoom class time as well as an online classroom.  There are four courses that are taken one at a time.

Level 100 Behavior And How It Relates To Safety 8 weeks

In this course, the student will learn about the behavioral and emotional needs of the dog, the safety considerations of working on a living creature, and how to apply animal welfare and humane standards to the grooming process. This is the first of four classes for those seeking the Master Groomer Behavior Specialist credential.

Level 200 Basic Handling Skills 8 weeks

In this course, the student will learn how to handle behavior problems during the grooming process, how to assess the behavior, how to apply basic training techniques, and the safe use of the equipment and tools available to groomers. This is the second of four classes for those seeking the Master Groomer Behavior Specialist credential.

Level 300 Adding Training To The Grooming Experience 8 weeks

In this course, the student will learn how to determine the cause of a dog’s behavior, gain an understanding of a variety of training techniques and approaches, and learn how to track behavioral progress. This is the third of four classes for those seeking the Master Groomer Behavior Specialist credential.

Level 400 Advanced Training Techniques 8 weeks

In this course, the student will learn more advanced behavior and training techniques to be able to help dogs with more severe fear, anxiety, stress, and/or aggression. This is the fourth and final class for those seeking the Master Groomer Behavior Specialist credential.

It can be challenging to Groom Cats but because it’s challenging, it’s also highly rewarding & lucrative. With proven skills & methods, you’ll be able to groom even the “impossible” cats by yourself. Because cat groomers make more per hour than dog groomers, you’ll be able to cut work hours while making more. The business modules in our program equip you to create a better business and be a better manager.

The NDGAA was established in 1969, we are a professional membership association of persons engaged in the grooming and care of dogs for the promotion of excellence in professional standards. Our curriculum of activities includes registered membership, certified membership, educational workshops, certification testing, seminars and grooming competitions.

For over 52 years the association has worked with groomers throughout the world promoting and encouraging professionalism and education in order to upgrade the image of the pet grooming profession. Our goal is to unite groomers through membership, to promote communication with colleagues, to set recognized grooming standards and to offer those seeking a higher level of professional recognition the opportunity to have their grooming skills certified.

Reigniting pet professionals’ passion for their craft.

Too often pet professionals lose their love of working with animals. It results in burnout and the feeling of working until their dead body is carted out of the shop. That there will not ever be a time in which they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Whether it’s learning to set boundaries, organize your business, or maybe pivoting into a different aspect of the professional pet industry, Pawsitive Educational Training is there every step of the way.

Delivering vocational and business programming personalized to your needs on your schedule.

Your business is as unique and individual as your thumbprint. Why would you want a program that is designed around a different business model? Allow your business to support you, not the other way around.

Whether it is our monthly educational Pawsitive Educational Training Summit membership,  pre-recorded workshops, group coaching, or one on one attention, Pawsitive Educational Training has the solution that works for your business. Join the thousands of pet professionals who re-established their love of their business.

Pet Emergency Academy strives to provide the highest quality animal CPR, first aid and emergency response training to veterinary and animal professionals, pet owners, emergency responders and anyone else who genuinely cares for animals. Our internationally recognized programs offer detailed, hands-on training providing participants with a well-rounded education. Our PetCPR+ and PetCPR+ Advanced programs are recognized by local and national veterinary associations, humane societies, disaster response teams, pet businesses and more.  We are an approved continuing education provider with the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Pet Sitters International, National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, the International Association of Canine Professionals and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Our programs are based on researched and proven successful methods of animal CPR developed by emergency veterinarians and are one of the most recognized Pet CPR certifications in the US and Canada. Instructors are veterinary and animal professionals with experience in emergency management and who are certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Animal Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response.At Pet Emergency Education, we are unlike any other Pet CPR certification company. We were founded by a Credentialed Veterinary Technician with over 22 years of experience working in the veterinary industry.  She spent much of her career teaching veterinary nursing skills including  emergency and critical care, triage and animal physical assessment in higher education institutions and is also certified in Basic and Advanced Life Support by the American College of Emergency and Critical Care and Cornell University Veterinary School.

For the betterment of pets and the people who love them, the Professional Grooming Credentialing program offers working pet groomers a recognizable professional trade credential.With the PGC Credentialing Project, pet groomers internationally will have a united and independent exam process to assess their practices and showcase the wide knowledge base of the working professional groomer. Pets and their people can have the confidence that PGC Groomers have been evaluated on best practices, skills, and knowledge set by groomers and for groomers. Passing the WPA Professional Grooming Credentialing Exam will signal to clients and the industry at large the knowledge and commitment level of the newly credentialed Pet Grooming Professional.

Pet Tech® is the first International Training Center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. We have been teaching the important skills of Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for over 20 years. The Pet Tech® Trainings have helped save the lives of deca-thousands of pets that have been in emergency situations with their pet parent or pet care professional. In our classes you will learn CPR techniques, first aid skills, dental and senior care (only available with PetSaver™ Training), as well as health and wellness information for dogs and cats. Additionally, the class includes our PetSaver™ 40-page handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate and wallet card.

Certified Pet Aesthetician Program
Do you want to take your career to the next level by learning the true science behind bathing and grooming our furry friends? Our Certified Pet Aesthetician Program has everything from in-depth educational videos, hands-on training, and in-person education to give you the confidence and experience you need to tackle challenging situations and provide immense relief and thoughtful care to all different kinds of pets. Never again feel as though you are unable to help a pet in your care. Feel empowered to ask the right questions and make the best decisions that will lead to healthy and balanced skin and coat care for any pet. Be surrounded by a community of people who have achieved incredible results and want to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Training a New Breed of Groomer, With a Vision for the Future of an Evolved

Grooming Profession & Ethical, Educated Pet Care.

We began our journey as industry speakers, educators, advisors, and groomers, meeting each other at expos where we bonded over our passion for an industry that has milestones to turn over.  We are a diverse panel of pet care professionals who have committed ourselves to the growth possibilities within the grooming industry by creating a higher level of education.

We stand strong, united together.

Join us in our quest to elevate groomers around the globe.

Working to improve the overall health and well-being of our beloved pets one stylist at a time!

The Whole Pet Grooming Academy is recognized by the State of NH as a post-secondary career school.

The extensive curriculum offered at the academy will ensure that stylists understand the compassionate approach to pet grooming and care.  Stylists will learn to take the “whole” pet into consideration, including health and nutrition, as well as hairstyles, grooming needs, environment and client customer service relations.

The academy offers 16 professional advancement diploma programs online and in-person, including the first state-recognized diploma for Master of Holistic Arts and Master Rabbit Groomer, there are 34 individual advancement certificate micro courses, including the only state-approved Salon Sanitation course in the nation, and 72 workshops focusing on continuing education for other professional groomers and stylists.

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