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Christopher Miklasz

Content Creator
Professional Pet Groomer - Entreprenuer
(410) 570-2907

Animal Types


Service Types

In-Salon Grooming,Mobile Grooming,Medical Grooming,Specials Needs Pet Care
Christopher’s passion for animals and their care can be traced back to his early childhood. His mother handled and showed dogs and introduced Christopher to the professional handling aspect of their care at a young age. Christopher was encouraged to explore the world of animals through animal companionship and dutiful care of cats, dogs and other small animals. Through experience and hard work he was able to turn his passions for animal husbandry into a business around 10 years old. He started a rattery that helped to sustain his ever growing reptile and small animal collection. Christopher has been known to have the answers, so much so that people started to bring Christopher sick and injured animals that they didn’t know what to do with…so many lessons were learned and relationships were built based on his experience with people and their pets. As his love for animals grew to new heights, he met the woman of his dreams. The two worked incredibly hard to build their business into something they can be proud of. Together with their two fun-loving children, Christopher and Jessica continue to ignite that spark in each other, supporting each other’s ideas and excitement about helping animals all over the world.


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Pet Emergency
Maryland Professional
Pet Groomers Association